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Hmm, I should really post on here more often. Or at least try to. Or should try to figure out how to link my vox.com journal to this one. Heh. Anyways............

So....I was cleaning the other day....guess what I noticed. x_x' I started to pile up all the Arashi-related items I've purchased over the years. Let's just say the pile grew...grew...and grew. o.O' The first thought that ran through my head was, OMG I think I've spent enough money here just to fund Johnny-san's dinners for at least 1 week...that if he is a very very expensive eater >_>' But what is more amazing is the fact that there is so much more readily available Arashi marketed items out there today in comparison to several years ago. Heck, I remember when I tried to obtain their singles back in '01. It was definitely murder on my wallet. Perhaps the amount of items out there really shows how popular the boys have become....but on the other hand it also shows how much of a cash cow in JE's eyes they've also become. *sighs* As a fan, I love to see more items by Arashi....but yet....they are overworking to death just to please the rabid fans and the JE company.

Anyways, back to the real world....working, schooling and sleeping...yay!
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<3 Postman for making my day!

Keeeee!!! My package from cdjapan has finally arrived :D! As much as I was trying to keep the packaging intact, I swear I was ripping through the box in record time with an exacto knife >.>;;;;;

Even though I am poorer, I FINALLY have my Arashi is Alive photobook and my limited/regular Truth/Kaze no Muko e cds. ^_^V  I should really put more money towards my vacation funds but Johnny-san is making me poorer by the minute ; _ ;.......Not to mention the mounds of stuff that will be up for grabs when its Arashi's 10th anni.....*prays for dvds for Dream-a-live and AAA 2008* >.<'''' Speaking of releases....I wonder if I should i buy the new book release on 09/30/08? *looks at her wallet and sighs*

Anyways, I'll see if I can borrow my brother's digi-cam and scanner and perhaps I can upload some of the pics. :) *goes back to flailing girl mode*

PS This is officially my first post, so please don't be overly harsh in my incoherent babblings. I am open to constructive criticisms, so do feel free to leave any comments and such! ^_^ Or even if  you are just sharing the love of our ever so baka yet talent boys. :)


Hiya peeps,

Welcome to my livejournal page! I know it seems rather bare but don't you worry! I will be posting more regularly once I figure out where and how this place works.

A little about myself, I just recently graduated from university and am currently working. Although I just made this account, it doesn't mean I'm a total greenhorn. I have spent many years lurking around LJ, happily reading and enjoying other people's postings. I also spend majority of my time reading, oggling, listening and watching my favourite music group, Arashi. *^_^*. I love listening to music and playing the piano. I also spend a fair bit of time playing on my ps2, psp, gba, ds and wii. I think that's it for now, since I just had the crummiest Monday in a long time. I'll update when I'm less braindead.

Hopefully, once I figure out the ropes of where and how this place works, I will be posting more regularly especially about my interests. :) I haven't decided how I'm going to divide this journal up such as what is left to public and what is locked away. For now, I think i'm going to leave it public. More will follow in regards to what I decide to do when I post magazine scans, clips, pictures, etc of Arashi and other subjects I flail/have interest in. :)

If you have any ideas/comments/suggestions, feel free to post. ^_^

Stay tuned and Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu